General Terms & Conditions

By Law

To ensure compliance with current European Community Legislation and International Trading Laws it is required by Bullion Met to take due diligence, therefore, all client / corporate’s  must provide the appropriate documentation:

  1. Copy of passport or UK driving licence for all beneficial owner(s), Directors.
  2. Proof of address of all beneficial owner(s), Directors.
  3. Copy of company registration document.
  4. Copy of VAT certificate.


  1. Price of metal / products will be fixed on the day of receipt of the client’s order, or where this is not possible on the next available business day / time thereafter.
    Client / corporate’s should be aware that contractual rights and obligations come into being at the time when parties agree a price or fixing on the relevant transaction via email or over the telephone and not subsequently when confirmations are exchanged.
  1. All prices quoted exclude VAT and carriage.
  2. Freight and insurance will be charged at rates ruling on the day of dispatch of  metal / products.



Payment will be requested and should be paid once the metal / product price has been fixed

Payments shall be made in full.

Payments can be made by up to

  • Cash- £5,000.00
  • Credit Card- £5,000.00
  • Debit Card- £20,000.00
  • TT Bank Transfer- No Limit

ID will be required.


All metal / products will be subject to United Kingdom local tax @ the prevailing rate at the present rate of 20%


All metal/ products remain Bullion Met property until full payment of the purchase amount is not paid for. 

Liability & Passing of Risk

The risk of the metal / products shall pass to the client either:

  1. On delivery to the address specified by the client either by Bullion Met or its appointed delivery agent, or
  2. on delivery collection by the client, the client’s servant or the client’s agent.


Although Bullion Met will use its best efforts to supply the exact quantity of metal ordered, the client shall accept the supply of a quantity whether more or less within maximum 0.25 percent of the stipulated amount of his order.  In such circumstances, the invoice value of the products shall be subject to a corresponding adjustment.

Despatch Dates

Bullion Met will use all reasonable efforts to meet dispatch dates and delivery but shall not be liable in any circumstances for loss, whether direct or consequential, arising from any type of delay.

Cancellation or Variation by Client’s

  1. No order for metal / products may be cancelled or varied by the client without Bullion Met permission in writing.
  2. Return of metal / products will only be accepted if agreed and settled with Bullion Met prior to return.
  3. In the event of any order cancelled Bullion Met will sell the metal / products fixed immediately at the prevailing buying price at the time and charge the client of any losses and its commission.

Damage in Transit

  1. Bullion Met shall be responsible until the risk passes over to the client.
  2. All metal / products must be examined on receipt and any damage or discrepancy reported immediately to Bullion Met and reported in writing on the day of metal / products being received. 

Cancellation of Order by Bullion Met

  1. Bullion Met shall have full entitlement to cancel any order or contract by written notice and without prejudice to any other rights which it has.
  2. Reserves the right to alter design and / or specification without prior notice.


Any metal / product stored not collected by the pacific date will be liable to a storage charge unless agreed prior with Bullion Met.


Any dispute in connection with these conditions or any contract that Bullion Met is involved in shall be submitted to the Courts of Birmingham and will be governed by United Kingdom law.