Physical Metals (Gold & Sliver) 

When you consult with us we prefer that you take your time, to be thorough is more important than to be quick. Haste has no place in Bullion Mets vocabulary.  Particularly when it comes to making a decision regards buying precious metals whether it be Gold or Silver the question arises physical or virtual?

In the world of virtual, Banks and Companies can go into solvency or bankruptcy.  In the same way, Governments can change their obligations due to political circumstances. Either way, you will be depending on the performance of the issuing institution to guarantee the possession of your investment.

When you buy physical gold, it’s yours to hold to keep at home or store in a storage facility.  Unlike statistics that you may see would tell you that a gold account, a gold tracker or ETF which is following the gold price are always just as good as buying physical gold but truthfully none of these securities will ever give you the same certainty as possessing your own, guaranteed, real-life precious metals.

This is due to do with how bankruptcy is handled by our financial system which, often leaves creditors at the back of a long line of people and institutions waiting for their money to be repaid.

Credit and solvency risks that come from this (in other words, the risk that the bank or company’s capital or guarantee capital is not enough to meet obligations in the event of a bankruptcy) are in the end, held by the investor. That might mean you. In the event of bankruptcy, the owner of such a financial product (you) would not be able to demonstrate which specific precious metal is his or her property; the owner of the precious metal simply has to join the line of creditors that come forward during the bankruptcy. It could be a long wait…

That can never happen when you buy physical precious metals with Bullion Met; even if it is stored with us. As when you buy physical bullion with us, it’s yours to take away or register under your name and stored independently with a custodian vaulting facility. Once handed over to the storage facility, Bullion Met cannot take control of the metal without your permission. No matter what happens to the Bullion Met in the future, regardless of whatever troubles it may go through, your precious metals will always be secure.