Metalor is one of the largest gold refiners in Switzerland, and their origin dates back as far as 1852. Their establishment was made through watchcase manufacturing and gold smelting. The company was taken over by Swiss Bank Corporation in 1918 and then formally established as a subsidiary under the name Metaux Precieux SA in 1936.

In 1947, the company’s headquarters were relocated from Le Locle to Neuchatel where a new precious metals refinery had been built. From then after in 1978, the company modified its name to Metaux Precieux SA Metalor. They are a large organisation with subsidiaries in 17 countries. The company mainly focuses on precious metals refining and the manufactures of precious metals products. The company also has interests in chemistry, metallurgy, precious metals and non- technology.

As of 1998 Metalor became a public company and then in April 2001 the company incorporated the name ‘Metalor Group Of Companies’
Metalor is a member of the LBMA, while also following the “Responsible Gold” policy standard.

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