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Buy Gold and Silver bullion from one of the most capable online UK and international bullion dealers.

Bullion Met

Bullion investment and vaulting

Bullion Met has been at the heart of the precious metals industry for more than 38 years. Bullion Met thanks its reputation to a spotless service when Trading Precious metals like Gold and Silver.

Since 1981, the company combines a traditional and family culture with an innovative view towards the business. Our young and dynamic team is always up to date with a keen eye about the products and pricing in order to provide outstanding service to our precious clients. We are able to offer you a selection of the finest Gold and Silver Bars, Coins and bullion at most competitive prices for both buying and selling Gold and Silver. Transparent pricing and a quick service are what drives our company.

Our clients Confidence is off the upmost to us as its you our clients who make us who we are today as a trustworthy, honest and reliable company and the reason why we are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry, because our foundation has created an organization founded on the principles of honesty integrity, trust and precision.


Clients can invest as little or as much as they like at any time.


Browse through the products at your convience and select the products that fits your investment.



Monitor Bullion Mets real-time prices and accordingly lock in prices of your Percious Metal.


Take physical delivery or deposit your metal for storage in highly protected and insured vaults.