Established Bullion merchants buying and selling Gold, Silver and Platinum Bars and Coins for investment


International trading and spot price fixing 260 days, Gold is cash in any currency anywhere in the world
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Bullion Bars & Coins for Physical delivery or Secure Storage

Bullion Met is a long established International bullion merchant which is fully authorised to sell and purchase Gold, Silver & Platinum Bars & Coins. Clients can purchase bullion online at the lowest premiums for physical delivery or for secure storage.

Bullion Met, is subsidiary of Sarovar Corporation Ltd, was founded at the request of our clients who were seeking an online destination for purchasing precious metals in an environment focused on transparency, service and security.

Physically located in Wolverhampton and in Birmingham. Our clients are able to buy, sell and trade with us directly cutting out the middle man. By far, we are one of the most knowledgeable dealers in the heart of England.

GoldGBP 35.79   per gram
SilverGBP 0.41   per gram
PlatinumGBP 22.45   per gram
PalladiumGBP 45.64   per gram

Fully Authorised Bullion Merchants Of Gold, Silver & Platinum Bars & Coins


Physical Gold

Physical Bullion

A noble asset that has been fought over, traded and trusted for centuries and has become a must for every portfolio. 



Investing in Percious Metals is though volatile in the short term, it has always maintained its vaule over the long term period.

24hrs Analysis

Directly connected to metal markets around the world 24 hours on all working days, we are able to provide our clients access to trusted, timely & accurate content.


I had a great experience with Bullion Met. While purchasing bullion silver Mr Kanda gave me exceptional service at a cost lower than my previous suppliers. I am excited about our future dealings and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to invest in precious metals.


I highly recommend doing business with Bullion Met. As I had a rather large quantity of scrap gold jewellery, I did my research. Not interested in the “mail in” approach, I wanted to deal face to face and maximise the price per gram of my gold. After visiting several pawn shops that advertised “the highest prices for gold paid”, it was clear that this was a misrepresentation. Bullion Met delivers what they claim on their website. Easy and efficient to deal with, everything is fully disclosed in the transaction and in a pleasant atmosphere. I’ll be doing business again.